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Welcome to Virtuoso Music Group!

The Commander In Chief is releasing 2 new albums with lots of new music before Christmas! Make sure that you place your pre-order now to GET YOUR NAME IN THE CD BOOKLET!


This internationally acclaimed mother & daughter duo started working together in June 2008, with the launch of the daughter's Myspace page. Elisabeth was one of the first music managers to understand the importance of organic social media marketing, and utilised this to build a following, and buzz for her daughter, known as "The Commander In Chief."

The Commander In Chief has been featured in leading music magazines, world wide, her original music has been award nominated and played on small and national radio stations, worldwide, including BBC. For two seasons she was a vocal coach and expert judge on Norway's top rated Saturday Night TV Show "Battle Of the Stars."  

She has charted with 3 albums, in 3 different genres in 26 countries, with one number 1 album on Amazon.com, classical music. She has had two viral music videos (filmed and edited by Elisabeth), which were featured on "top 10 viral videos of the year" in Guitar World and The Guardian. Her music videos have been featured on TV in several European countries, with one being featured in a movie as well.

They've accomplished everything together as a team. Since 2008, they've done 20 music releases in total, 10 crowdfunding campaigns, and 3 subscription services. For more in depth information on each, you can check out the about page.

The Maria Callas Link

Elisabeth Hilltout was trained in old school Bel Canto technique, with daily singing lessons for many years with the award winning Italian soprano Aida Meneghelli, who had the same singing teacher as Maria Callas (Elvira De Hidalgo). Elisabeth has experience herself from being a performing coloratura soprano, and she has extensive experience as a vocal coach. She has been the only vocal coach for The CIC.

"1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods"

The Commander In Chief has long been hailed as one of the best guitar players in the world, as seen in Metal Hammer "1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods," and countless other publications. Recently she was credited with putting "a completely new spin on classical-inspired guitar music" by world-leading magazine Guitar World.

13 Years of Industry Experience

As a team they've been on the forefront of the digital revolution from the very beginning, adjusting to: algorithm changes, platform collapses, new social media sites, email marketing , and the constantly evolving digital marketplace.  

International Charting Success

With 3 albums, in 3 different genres, charting on 3 different music platforms, in 26 countries, they've demonstrated that anything is possible without a record label. In 2020 they increased their income with almost 400%, while the established music industry fell into a crisis.

They Say

Sterling Winfield

(Pantera, Hellyeah, B.B. King, etc;)

"In my 20+ years as an engineer and producer I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like what she has to offer."

John Haywood

(David Garrett,Tokyo 2020 Olympics)

"I knew instantly she was rewriting the rule book on electric guitar faculty and propelling this instrument into an entirely different sound world, totally unique and entirely different from what we generally know of the electric guitar."

Wide range of products to choose from

Intensive Masterminds, Workshops, & Coaching

Get exclusive access to Intensive Masterminds, Workshops, and 1:1 coaching. Learn about business, monetisation, marketing, artist development, and anything else that you will need to succeed as an artist in the digital age. 


Learn in your own time from two of the best! Learn how to use the Bel Canto Technique from a proper Maestra with a "Maria Callas Link." Learn how to stay healthy as a guitarist from "1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods," and learn everything that you need to know about marketing, promotion, and monetisation.  

Signed CDs

Virtuoso Music Group is now the official home of The Commander In Chief. Go to the shop to purchase signed CDs, digital music, posters, shoutouts, handmade guitar tabs, sheet music, books, and anything else related to the artist. 

The VIP Club

Join The Commander In Chief's virtual VIP Club! Join for discounts, priority boarding, behind the scenes footage, sneak peeks, and updates. This club also has a level completely dedicated to business, where you get a 1:1 consultation if you pay for a 1-year membership upfront.


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