2 New albums with brand new music!

"Berit, Vol.3" & "Berit, Vol.4" - the final 2 albums in the series - are out now here on my website!

I'm happy to say that "Berit, Vol.3" & "Berit, Vol.4" are done, and available directly from me!

You may not know this but I have enough music for over 20 albums. 😱 I'm really excited about getting some of my unreleased music released! 😃 And I'm equally excited that you are here reading this! 

The "Berit" series of my acoustic albums has now been completed! These are the two last albums in the collection. The "Berit" series is deeply personal. Volume 1 was dominated by the painful divorce of my parents, the struggle of dealing with a socio-economic downgrade, loneliness, failed romance, and the promise of entrepreneurship. Volume 2 was more upbeat in nature (thankfully) and was coloured by my international background, crazy neighbours, the lockdown, and the turbulence of working in show-biz. The overarching theme of Volume 2 is humour.  With Volume 3 I imagine myself sitting next to a camp fire with my guitar telling stories. "With Just The Stars As My Companions" is a tribute to nature and the great "outdoors." It's a song written for people like myself, who enjoy long walks and "sleeping under open sky." I then proceed with 3 songs that reveal my interest in history and reading, followed by songs that contemplate the meaning of life. The overarching theme of Volume 4 is misanthropy. The last album is my personal favourite.  

I'm excited to finally release some brand new music, and I'm very happy that it's 2 albums, rather than just one! If you know my story then you'll know that I experienced major, life threatening health issues,  that it took me 3,5 years to recover from. I'm painfully aware of how fragile life is, and how little time we have. I want to see all of my music released before I kick the bucket. Older people love to say "you have so much time, you have your whole life in front of you" - but the brutal truth about life is that you never know how much time you have. In these very challenging times, for so many, I hope that I can inspired others to see the importance of doing what we want to do - while we can.