Become a Master Singer with Bel Canto, so you can sing effortlessly with no problems! 

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There's a new Master Singer in the world, and that master singer is YOU!

The truth is that you have it all within you already:

you have the VOICE, the TALENT and the PASSION

Despite all this, something is holding you back. Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced singer, it can be overwhelming to try to find the solution on your own. You do not have the framework, or method, you need to fulfil your potential. You might not know where to begin.

Singers often come to me asking for my help with one or more specific problems:
  • can not hit and/or hold high notes
  • problems singing long phrases on one breath
  • uneven register
  • no control of their larynx
  • tension in their jaw and throat
  • a voice that is unpredictable when it comes to placement
  • a tired or sore throat from singing - the list goes on...
  • stage fright - I use mental exercises - from sport and performance psychology - to deal with this!!

Some singers have stopped singing altogether, due to problems with their throat. Many have already been trained by one or more teachers, thinking it is their fault they cannot do things right. 

If this is YOU - it is NOT your fault!! 

These problems are always caused by an underlaying problem. Usually, it is something that the singer has not even thought about.  
Often the problem is the singing teacher, who has trained the singer to do the exact opposite of what they should be doing. Many teachers do not know how to breathe with their diaphragm, which is the foundation of EVERYTHING. 

I also hear stories about singing teachers who are angry at the singer (!), or just don't seem interested in the singer, causing insecurity. Many singers tell me about teachers who can not show and explain to them WHY and HOW the singer should do certain things - causing confusion, and again, insecurity.

 When I started my training I was not able to sing any high notes without gasping for air. I had no clue how to breathe properly. Then I was transformed into a singer who was able to sing more than 100 notes from the high C and up in my concerts, never having a tired throat, never running out of breath.

To be a truly great singer you need two things:

  1. A rock solid technique, so you can sing whatever you want, effortlessly.
  2. Confidence, so you can go on stage without any performance anxiety.
When I was 21, I had a shattered confidence, after years of verbal, emotional and mental abuse, by an unhinged, alcoholic stepfather, who did his best to destroy me. It took me years to re-build my confidence, but I did it - and I did it all by myself.

I know what it takes to build confidence!

 ALL the legends of opera were Bel Canto singers.

The most iconic of them all was Maria Callas who had the same teacher as my singing teacher - the award winning Italian soprano Aida Meneghelli. They were both trained by the legendary soprano Elvira De Hidalgo.

I was trained by Meneghelli with private lessons 6 days a week for many years. I know this technique.

"Hidalgo had the real great training, maybe even the last great training of the real Bel Canto."

- Maria Callas in conversation with Lord Harewood, 1968

Bel Canto to the People! 

The brand new Aina Method is a five step framework to become a Bel Canto Master Singer. It is suitable for singers on ALL levels, from beginners to master level. 
I created it with one goal: saving YOU time and money, while maintaining the highest possible level of quality!  
The 66 easy-to-follow videos, PDFs and Audio files, will give you a solid foundation in Bel Canto singing, showing you how everything is done, in an efficient, easy-to-understand way. If you combine the course with 1:1 Zoom lessons you get the optimal result.

I spent three months creating this course, filming every video over and over again, until I knew that you would have all the tools you need - knowing it would mean less income for me, since you will not need as many lessons with me as you would normally do.

I was trained with private lessons 6 days a week for many years. That was the way all the great legends were trained, that was the way my teacher was trained, so I wanted to do the same.

Most singers cannot do that, so I wanted to create a course that YOU can work on whenever it fits your busy schedule and your life. Keep in mind that CONSISTENCY is key - so if you are not wiling to put in a few minutes - not hours - on a regular basis, this is not for you. 

Of course, the more dedicated and focused you are, the sooner you will see great results.

There is a HUGE difference between being a singer and playing an instrument. Ideally, you should never sing more than an hour a day, so a lot of the training happens in your head. 

That is why your mindset and confidence are crucial, and I have dedicated an entire module to that. 

It's time for a new life where you can...

  • Sing High Notes With Ease
  • Become versatile
  • Develop Good Pitch - No Autotune!
  • Have a voice that projects without pushing it
  • Increase Your Stamina
  • Unlock Your Full Range
  • Go on stage with confidence, and enjoy it
  • No more struggles with a sore or fatigued throat after singing
  • No more insecurity about how to attack or sing the first note
  • No more confusion about how to breathe right - you will become a master of your diaphragm and hear results very quickly!
  • No more being frustrated with singing teachers who tell you to do things that are harmful to your voice
  • No more struggles and pain from singing

Today is your lucky day! 

And here's the best part:

NO LONGER do you have to travel halfway around the world to find a proper Bel Canto teacher - like I had to do! 

You can learn this legendary technique from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

When you get this course you will immediately start on the exiting journey of unleashing the true potential and beauty of your voice. 

The foundation of everything is learning how to breathe with your diaphragm, so your breath can support your voice,

instead of getting in the way, restricting the flow of your voice.

Did you know that 70% of those who use their voice in a professional capacity: singers, actors, speakers, sales persons and others develop throat and voice problems? How many times have you heard about singers who need to have surgery because of throat problems? Or singers who have lost their high notes?

The root problem for many of these issues is poor breathing technique. In this course I deal with this in the very first lessons, showing you exactly what it means to breathe with your diaphragm, and the exercises you need to do to get fast results.

No more pushing your voice, fighting to hit those high notes.

I spent five years studying with Meneghelli, six days a week, perfecting my skills, learning how to sing the most challenging arias ever written. When I came to her I was a complete beginner with no previous training, and nothing but my talent and willingness to work hard. I had a huge vocal range, but no idea how to use it. To be honest, I sounded really bad.

I had moved across Europe to a country where I did not speak the language, knew no one, and had no support system.
I studied with a teacher who spoke ONLY Italian, so we had no language in common, in the beginning. She said "we will make this work, without a language - because music has its own language," and we did.

After 3 1/2 years with Meneghelli I had my first opera concert with coloratura arias. Take a look at this very ambitious program. 

 I went on to give concerts all over Europe, with the most challenging arias ever written. As a coloratura soprano I loved hitting those super high notes, and I NEVER had a sore or tired throat from singing. The next day I was ready to sing it all again.

When I started to take off as a singer, with press coverage and offers to go to America, one of my children was diagnosed with serious health issues. My priorities changed from singing and performing, to being a manager and vocal coach, so I could work from home and take care of my family. I would make the same decision again. Family always comes first. 

Since 2008 I have worked full time with my oldest daughter, both as her vocal coach, manager and viral video producer. She has been featured in most of the leading music magazines in the world, and for two seasons she has been a vocal coach and expert judge on Norway's biggest TV show: "Battle of the Stars," with almost a million viewers. She has also been a guest on several TV talk shows.

I know how terrifying it can be to take the huge step from having a dream, to real life action. 
In the video on top of this page I am sharing my story, for the first time, and I hope it can inspire you to follow your dreams and fulfil your potential. If you do not make that decision yourself, no one else is going to make it for you.

Watch my video before you tell yourself that dreams cannot come true.

I am living proof that anyone can do whatever they want - you just have to be willing to do what it takes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I really learn how to sing online?

I have coached singers via Zoom, and Skype for years. As long as you have a good internet connection it works well.

Can I use this technique for other genres?

Yes. The Commander In Chief has used her Bel Canto training to sing: heavy metal, acoustic music, musicals, Christian music, classical crossover, and classical. 

Can I be a beginner?

Yes. No previous training is required. You can be a complete beginner, or a more advanced singer. You do not have to know, or study any music theory in order to take this course.

Will I get a permanent vibrato on my voice?

Vibrato is a sign that you are breathing correctly. You need it in order to sing classical music properly. However, if you are trained right then you can turn it on and off at will, so that you can sing other music genres as well. This is what The Commander In Chief does.

What about different time zones?

I am offering my group lessons both in the morning, and in the evening CET.

Can I get private lessons with Elisabeth?

Only through the offers in this course.

The main Benefits

"If you don't have the Bel Canto, you cannot sing any opera, as a matter of fact, not even the most modern." (Maria Callas, Conversations with Lord Harewood, 1968)

benefit 1

Without proper breath control there is no Bel Canto. Breathing with your diaphragm is the foundation of EVERYTHING. Learn what it means and how to do it, and how to get quick results. All it takes is 10 minutes of breathing exercises a day. You can do this! 

70 % of those who use their voice in a professional capacity: singers, actors, public speakers, sales people and others develop throat problems, due to lack of good techniques when it comes to how they use their voice. By learning how to master your diaphragm, you will be able to let your breath support your voice, just like wind supports a glider plane - your voice will be on top of your breath. You gain nothing by sitting on the fence! Learn how to breathe properly today, so you can conquer those high notes with ease and be in total control of your instrument.

In addition to being crucial for your singing, breathing with your diaphragm is also a very useful and healthy skill to have for many other activities, such as yoga, meditation, and various sports. It is also an excellent tool for managing pain and anxiety.    


Many singers struggle with different registers and spend their time trying to figure out how to connect them. It is very common to have a very powerful voice in one end of your register, only to have nothing in the other end. Very often the middle part is wobbly and insecure. With this technique you develop your entire register, with no audible change from register to register, making it all sound and feel like ONE register, naturally. The development of an even sound is something most singers need help with, and you learn all about that in this course. 


Self confidence is crucial for any performer, especially for singers. As a singer you ARE the instrument - and you can never put your instrument aside, or walk away from it. Anything and everything in your life might affect your performance. Learning how to cope with stress, be focused and confident as a person, not just as an artist, is crucial. That is why I implemented mental exercises from sport- and performance psychology in my coaching years ago.

If you have a singing teacher who is angry at you, or blames you when you make mistakes, you are not going to become a confident singer. Having been a very talented child myself, and then experienced horrendous verbal, emotional and mental abuse throughout my childhood, I know that it is possible to get beyond insecurities, anxiety and stage fright. Too many talented people have their potential career marked by these issues, and I take this part of the training very seriously. You have to create confident and happy singers, who can enjoy being on stage! 

What you Get with the Aina Method

In this online course you get access to 66 videos, downloadable PDFs, audio file versions of all the videos. 

As a very experienced vocal coach I have incorporated mental training, with elements from sports phycology, in my coaching, knowing only too well that many singers struggle with stage fright or insecurities.

As a successful manager I also know that many singers don't know what to do when it comes to the branding of themselves, social media, etc. I was one of the first managers to build an artist's career exclusively by use of organic growth on social media, taking my daughter, aka "The Commander In Chief," from unknown to being featured in leading music magazines, appearances on TV shows, radios, etc around the world. In this course you get some bonus videos where I talk about these important areas as well. 

You get the tools and skills you need to build a solid foundation as a Bel Canto singer, immediately, from the comfort and safety of your own home, while having access to one of the few Bel Canto teachers in the world.

  • 66 videos 
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Audio files/mp3s
  • Access to 1:1 lessons with me

The Aina Method - Course Overview Section


Foundations of Mastery (the toolbox)
  • You'll learn how to breathe with your diaphragm. This will give you a bigger voice, and more stamina among other things.  
  • You'll learn how to place your voice "in maschera" so that you get a younger, and prettier voice. You'll also become more precise with your key. 
  • You'll learn how to attack the first note - so important, and often neglected. 
  • You'll get used to the fact that you ARE an instrument, and learn many other crucial skills. 

10 videos

1h 6m


Secret Mental Training Formula
  • You'll learn my secret mental practise routines, which will give you faster results.
  • You'll become more result oriented, and positive.
  • You'll start to learn how to overcome negative mindsets and turn them around to positive one.

3 videos



Master Warm-Up Blueprint
  • You'll be able to do very good warm up routines, by watching a professional singer and a beginner do the warm ups I do every day myself.
  • You'll get way more out of your singing.
  • You'll become better with your vowels, and learn how to use them to your advantage.
  • You'll get much better stamina, and longevity.

2 videos



Forging A Master
  • This Module contains the 8 first lessons from Vaccaj's "Metodo Pratico di Canto," with 6 videos in each lesson.  
  • You get a proper explanation for how to master various technical aspects of the technique: WHAT, HOW AND WHY you sing certain things in a specific way (various intervals, legato, etc). You also learn how to pronounce vowels and consonants in proper Italian, and you get to see two singers: a professional singer and a beginner, sing the lessons with my guidance. 

48 videos

2h 25m


BONUSES - Master Singer: The Road Ahead
  • You'll learn how to "put yourself out there" on social media.
  • You'll know how to mentally cope with the music industry.
  • You'll learn how you can use Bel Canto in different music genres.

3 videos


Aina Elisabeth Hilltout

I am a professionally trained Bel Canto singer - with a pure coloratura soprano voice.

I was trained in old school Bel Canto technique by the great soprano Aida Meneghelli, with private lessons 6 days a week, for many years. 

My repertoire included the arias for The Queen of the Night, Lucia di Lammermoor, Constanze, Olympia, Elvira and Lakmé.

I have extensive experience as a concert singer, vocal coach, manager, producer and motivational performance coach.  Before I left my native Norway to become an opera singer, I studied economics, marketing and contract law. I have experience from working in a huge bank, on a nationwide marketing campaign, and I served on the national and local boards of a huge organisation. 

Born in Norway, I have lived in 5 countries with my family.  I am the mother of 4, and I live with my English husband, four kids and our Giant Schnauzer in Italy.

What's the Value of this Course?

It took me years to learn all the things I am giving you in this course, and I got the information gradually. With this course you get access to everything immediately, so you can watch it and learn at your own pace. By having access to ALL the pieces of the puzzle immediately, you will better understand how everything works together, instead of having to wait for your singing teacher to explain things gradually, after several months or years. 
What you learn in the videos would take a year with private lessons to learn. 
If you were to have private lessons 6 days a week for 5 years, like I did, it would cost you a lot. A Bel Canto singing lesson today cost anywhere from € 80 to €200 per lesson. If you pay €100 per lesson, it would cost € 2,400 per month! Having lessons 6 times a week, 48 weeks a year (with 4 weeks off for holidays) would cost €28,800. 
I created the course to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY, so you need fewer 1:1 lessons, and you can watch the videos and print out the PDFs, doing things at your own pace, watching the videos over and over again. I even extracted all the audio files from all the videos, so you can listen to them as mp3s on your phone.
As seen in The Commander In Chief's testimonial, being a Master Singer With Bel Canto can open up doors to better paid opportunities, such as being a talent Judge on a TV show, or performing at big festivals - like she has done. But more importantly, you can:
  • Make an impact
  • Share YOUR Voice
  • Live YOUR Dream
  • Be a Role Model
  • Fulfill YOUR Potential
  • Be one of the few who carry on the proud tradition of Bel Canto into the Future


The Commander In Chief - Internationally acclaimed 7 string guitar virtuoso, singer, songwriter, and pianist. Master singer trained and mentored by Elisabeth.

The obvious choice.

"Elisabeth's coaching transformed my voice from tiny, and limited to the lowest part of my range into one with power, control, and high notes in 3.5 months. I believe this course is the obvious choice for anyone wanting to take their voice to the next level."

Lars - Bel Canto student

Get started now!

Why wait? This is your moment! 

My Pricing Plan - My Values

Learning how to sing either via a college, or privately, is expensive - no matter what. You are looking at spending thousands of dollars monthly, and yearly. If you choose to study with a college, you'll be looking at accumulating lots of debt, in addition to wasting lots of time on mandatory subjects that you are not that interested in. Private lessons will easily cost you 100-200$ per lesson. In London you pay 299$ per group lessons, just to learn how to breathe with your diaphragm.


It is also worth noting that VERY few vocal teachers can teach you the true Bel Canto technique, meaning that you'll not only spend a fortune on learning how to sing, you will struggle to find someone teaching you this technique! I am here to rectify that! 

With me you can learn the old-school Bel Canto technique, without breaking the bank. I know that talent is universal, and that talent knows no bounds. It is therefore important for me to deliver a course that is: affordable, understandable, and accessible - while maintaining the highest possible quality - always with the singer's best interest in mind.

My values are reflected in my pricing plan; I want YOU to be able to develop your talents!

I'm are here to make your dreams tangible, and reachable today. 

Transform your singing and voice before the holidays, and impress your family and friends with your new skills.

Pre-holiday special offer, 1:1 lessons on Zoom, 20-25% OFF!

3 x 60 minutes 1:1 lessons - 20% discount


Surprise your family and friends during the holidays!  

5 x 60 minutes lessons - 25% discount


Transform your singing before Christmas! 

I created the course to save YOU time and money! By having access to the 66 videos, PDFs and Audio files you will learn all the basics of Bel Canto, get all the tools you need to start practicing on your own, and be better prepared for 1:1 Zoom lessons with me. 

Become a Master Singer with Bel Canto course: 66 videos, PDFs and Audio files 
Value € 15,000 

€ 1,447

  • Unlock all the 66 modules in the course straight away
  • You can book  1:1 lessons with me after enrolling.
  • Access to Private Facebook group 
Become a Master Singer with Bel Canto course + 3 x 60 minutes 1:1 Zoom lessons
Value € 15,300

€ 1,717

  • Includes 3 x 60 minutes 1:1 lessons on Zoom
  • You can book more 1:1 lessons with me after enrolling.
  • Unlock all the 66 modules in the course straight away
  • Access to Private Facebook group 
Individual Master Singer Accelerator

Value € 9,000
Normal price € 1,297

€ 847

  • 6 x 60 minutes 1:1 Zoom lessons in 6 or 12 days - TAILOR MADE TO YOUR REPERTOIRE! 
  • You must send me videos of yourself and your sheet music BEFORE the lessons start, since this requires a lot of work for me, so we do NOT waste any time during the lessons.
  • This is the way the legends of opera were trained, with several lessons a week.
  • Exclusive access to me via WhatsApp
  • Unlock all the modules in the course straight away 
  • Access to Private Facebook group
Become a Master Singer with Bel Canto course: 66 videos, PDFs and Audio files 
Value € 15,000 

257/6 months

  • Get access to the 66 lessons in the course, gradually, over 6 months
  • You can book more 1:1 lessons with me after enrolling, with a 10 - 20% discount 
  • Access to Private Facebook group 
Become a Master Singer with Bel Canto course + 3 x 60 minutes 1:1 Zoom lessons
Value € 15,300

297/6 months

  • Includes 3 x 60 minutes 1:1 lessons on Zoom
  • You can book more 1:1 lessons with me after enrolling, with a 10 - 20% discount 
  • Unlock all the 66 lessons in the course, gradually, over 6 months
  • Access to Private Facebook group 

The Ultimate Cost of Inaction

I guarantee a Cost of Inaction.

If you don't take action it could cost you:

  • A Fortune: a real opportunity to be paid what YOU are really worth.
  • Your Health: 70% of people who use their voice in a professional capacity get voice problems. This is a very serious problem. Failing to fulfill your potential can also lead to stress, and anxiety taking a toll on your well-being.
  • Your Purpose: Imagine the cost of not living life with a purpose. Getting to the end of the road wondering what could have been, and looking back with regret having neglected YOUR destiny. To me, that sounds like one of life's biggest failures.
  • Impact: How many people would suffer and not be impacted because you chose not to make the difference you can?
  • Regret: The weight of regret is the heaviest burden you can carry.
  • The Way of the Legends: Not learning proper Bel Canto as used by the Legends.

Don't let the cost set in. Make the investment in Become a Master Singer With Bel Canto TODAY.

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days


Become A Master Singer Today!