STAND OUT! Learn the secrets of the legendary Bel Canto technique, so YOU can sing high notes, big intervals and long phrases easily - with one, even register.

Are you tired of struggling with your  singing?

Have you had enough of random high notes, tension, running out of breath, or not understanding WHY there seems to be unexplainable problems with some parts of some arias or songs?

 Have you paid for lessons for years, only to discover that nothing feels right, or you still cannot sing that aria you planned to sing ages ago? Are you starting to doubt your talent and potential as a singer?

Is this you - it is NOT your fault.

Are you ready for a change, so you can start singing the way you KNOW, deep in your heart, that you can do -  if given the right technique?

Then I have good news for you:

 The Bel Canto technique and my course is for you. 

"Without Bel Canto you can not sing any opera, as a matter of fact. Not even the most modern ones. " 

Maria Callas, in conversation with Lord Harewood, 1968.

The iconic soprano Maria Callas and my award winning singing teacher, Aida Meneghelli, had the same singing teacher -  Elvira de Hidalgo. I was trained 6 days a week for many years, the old school way. 

For 15 years it has been my pleasure to pass this legendary Bel Canto technique on to new singers.  

With Maestra Aida Meneghelli, Verona, Italy, after a concert. 

"Hidalgo was one of the last, maybe even the last singer properly trained in the real Bel Canto."

Maria Callas, in conversation with Lord Harewood, 1968.

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In 2021, I spent 3 months creating an easy-to-follow, high quality Bel Canto Course, to help singers at all levels on their journey to greatness. The course has been very well received. 

Course Content!

 In this course you get 66 videos, the audio files from the videos as mp3s and PDFs to make your learning as easy as possible. I have divided the course into 5 main modules. 

Module 1 and 2 :

These two modules give you the foundational skills you need as a great singer, and we start off with the most crucial foundational skill of them all: HOW to breathe and breath distribution. 9 of 10 singers do this wrong, and it is the main source of other problems singers have, if they don't do it right. This lessons is crucial! You learn how to attack the first note, how to use the jaw, how to develop the crucial, old school head voice, posture and much more. 

Module 3:

Mental training and confidence building is too often neglected in the world of music, while it is a crucial part of the training for top athletes. I have implemented sports and performance psychology elements in my training for more than 10 years, with great results. In sports psychology self confidence is the most important factor when it comes to an athletes ability to fulfil their true potential. There is not reason to assume it is any different for opera singers. 

Module 4:

VocaliSes that I had to do when I studied, performed by my talented son William  when he was a real beginner, just three months after he started his training. I am guiding him, and I explain what the purpose of the different vocalises are. I have attached a PDF with the sheet music for them. 

Module 5: 

8 master classes with 6 videos in each. You get to see 2 singers, William (the beginner) and his famous sister Berit, who is on a professional level, sing the first 8 songs from Vaccaj's legendary Bel Canto book. I used this book in my training, just as my teacher and Maria Callas did in theirs. The masterclasses includes Italian diction and un depth explanations for how to sing the songs.

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"The Queen of the Night," in Concert, October 2000. 

Official debut concert, September 1999. 

On stage with dad, who discovered my talent when I was 10 years old, and put me on stage the next day.

Various press clips from my concerts

Concert Norway, 2001.

Official press photo, 1999, Verona, Italy.

About Elisabeth Hilltout 

As one of the very few Bel Canto singers and teachers in the world today, she is passionate about keeping this legendary technique alive. After her rigorous Bel Canto training in Verona, with private lessons 6 days a week for many years, she gave concerts all over Europe, before signing with a manager in New York.

Due to the health issues of one of her 4 kids, and her overall family situation, she stopped traveling and performing, focusing instead on helping other artists.  She has had international success as a manager, vocal coach and video producer. 

Having defied all odds, doing the impossible time and time again, she is sharing some of her shocking and very inspiring story  in her FREE webinar here! She is living proof that where you come from does not have to define where you go, and that everything and anything is possible.