Welcome to the Bel Canto Singer Society -

where singers from all genre come to fulfil their potential!

Bel Canto is not only for opera singers.

I see every day how the skills from this legendary technique helps singers from ALL genres, no matter what level they are on, from beginners to professionals. 

Are you struggling with high notes, long phrases, intervals, agility, fatigue or tension in your throat? 

You are not alone! Most of the singers who have come to me for help had been coached for years, many at conservatories, but despite their training, NONE had learned the most basic skills... It was NOT their fault!  

When I showed  them how it is done, they did it right!

 I am thrilled to give you this unique opportunity to join my Bel Canto Singer Society - where you can access high quality content, and learn some of the secrets of this wonderful technique, 

with a 70% discount - only €29/month!


With my Maestra di Bel Canto, Aida Meneghelli, in Verona, Italy, 2001. She had the same signing teacher as the iconic soprano Maria Callas, Elvira De Hidalgo.

"Without Bel Canto you cannot sing any opera, as a matter of fact not even the most modern ones." Maria Callas, 1968.

I will post 4 types of content every month, one each week. Members can watch them when they want.

  • Masterclasses - 35-50 minutes videos with downloadable PDFs
  • Behind the Scenes Videos with tips and secrets - 10-20 minutes videos              
  • How To videos - teaching singers specific, crucial skills, 10-20 minutes videos
  • Live Q & A - up to 60 minutes on Zoom for up to 40 members to attend. The video will be posted as well. 

In addition, and INCLUDED, in the membership, you can send me a short video or audio of yourself singing, after signing up. I will assess the level you are on, and advice you individually about what you need to focus on.


Members get a 50% discount on my Signature Bel Canto course, with its 66 videos, audio files and PDFs.

From May 12th - May 22nd, 2023, you get a 70% off on the course, and pay only € 497 (Payment plan available). See many testimonials further down on this page!

Month 1 - Crucial foundational skills!

  • Masterclass 1, part 1: Breathing technique and breath distribution (available immediately)
  • Masterclass 1, part 2: Breathing technique and breath distribution (available immediately)
  • Behind the Scenes 1: The secret tool that gives me fast progress (release date: May 19)
  • How To video 1: How to attack the 1st note (release date: May 26)

Registration is ONLY open from May 12th to May 31st (midnight) 

After that it will NOT be possible to join.

Monthly membership


  • NO minimum time required. Cancel when you want.
  • 1 Masterclass per month w/downloadable PDFs
  • 1 How To video per month
  • 1 Behind the Scenes video per month
  • 1 Live Q & A per month on Zoom
  • You can send me a 3 minutes video of yourself singing, and get my advice for what you need to work on first.
  • My digital Bel Canto planner, which I created for my Bel Canto course
  • 50% discount on my Bel Canto Online Course
  • Priority boarding for online events and launches
  • Access to private FB Group for the members

Annual membership


One time payment

  • Everything from the monthly membership
  • A 30 minutes private singing lesson with me on Zoom, as soon as possible after sign up
  • Follow up private 30 minutes lesson after 3 months
  • 2 months FREE membership 

RESULTS is all that matters!

All the most legendary opera singers ever were Bel Canto singers. The most iconic soprano, Maria Callas, and my singing teacher, Aida Meneghelli, had the same singing teacher -  Elvira de Hidalgo.

About Elisabeth Hilltout 

As one of the very few Bel Canto singers and teachers in the world today, she is passionate about keeping this legendary technique alive. After her rigorous Bel Canto training in Verona, with private lessons 6 days a week for many years, she gave concerts all over Europe, before signing with a manager in New York.

Due to the health issues of one of her 4 kids, and her overall family situation, she stopped traveling and performing, focusing instead on helping other artists.  

She has had international success as the manager, vocal coach and viral video producer for her oldest daughter; 7 string guitar virtuoso, singer, songwriter "The Commander In Chief." Together they have released albums in 3 genres that have charted in 26 countries.

In addition, she has coached singers online for years, and in 2021 she created and launched her popular online Bel Canto course.