Some of the things we've done:

21 Independent Music Releases ✅
11 Crowdfunding Campaigns ✅
3 Subscription Services ✅

As an independent artist without government and/or corporate support I’ve officially:

Charted in 26 countries ✅
Charted on 3 different platforms ✅
Gone viral twice on YouTube ✅
Managed to go viral with the same music video on two different platforms ✅
Gone to number 1 on Amazon ✅
Gone to number 1 on iTunes ✅
Charted with 3 different music genres ✅
I’ve gotten recognised by random strangers in America, England, Italy, and Norway (God only knows where else potentially) ✅
I’ve managed to make money online in the digital age as a musician without even leaving my house! Even making more than some metal musicians who tour RELENTLESSLY (now beat that!) ✅