A guitar player's worst nightmare! 😱 

  • Are you in pain from playing your guitar?
  • Are you plagued by arthritis?
  • Are you currently injured, worried sick that your guitar playing days may be behind you? 
  • Are you worried that you may be doing something wrong when it comes to your guitar-health? 
  • Are you sick and tired of teachers and other guitarists keeping their secrets to themselves? 😑

This is my story...

It was 2016 and my life was going well! Even though I had recorded impossible classical pieces with my guitar, I had a great self-care routine. Other guitarists had problems with their: hands, wrists, elbows, backs, etc; but not me!

I was armed with great frameworks, and secrets that kept me healthy. I had taken great care in developing them, because the last thing that I wanted was to experience a guitar-related injury...

After 8 years of working night and day as an independent artist I had finally been picked up by a major record label. I was in the middle of working on my upcoming release and nothing could go wrong. πŸ˜‡ Then on Thanksgiving 2016 it happened... 😱

I was struck by a horrible parasite. I was unable to stand up, I couldn't eat anything, and it felt like I was being stabbed in my gut. That was the beginning of 2 weeks of pure hell. I don't know what was worse: collapsing, not being able to stand up, not being able to eat anything, rushing to the bathroom constantly... you get the picture...

After 2 weeks the parasite had officially left my body, so I rushed back to my rehearsal space to keep on going with my project.

As I tried to walk over there I struggled to breathe... 

I could hardly get there, but I pushed myself. I wanted to create an awesome album, get my deal, and conquer the world!

What I didn't know was that your body becomes extra vulnerable after a parasite infection. It's not uncommon to get complications, or other problems. So I pushed myself to get back to playing my guitar... and do you know what happened? 😭

On a cold February morning in 2017 I woke up to what I thought would be a normal day of rigid practise routines. Right when I was about to start my day I heard a loud cracking noise coming from my left shoulder, and my shoulder just dropped down. My arm was just hanging by my side. I couldn't lift it. I was shocked. 

It felt like I was being stabbed in my shoulder. The pain was excruciating. I was terrified! 😱

Incapable of even getting dressed without help I had to get nursed by my family members. The pain wouldn't stop. It felt like I was being stabbed in my left shoulder 24/7, and the arm was just hanging by my side. 😱

Stressed out, anxious, heartbroken, and worried I rushed to get treatments from: osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists... but nothing helped. I was left with: a diagnosis, a few stretch routines that were too painful for me to do, massive bills, and no clear guidance as to how long it would take my shoulder to heal. 

There was a possibility that this was the end of my guitar career. I was heartbroken. I couldn't believe it. ☹️

To make matters worse I also developed complications from the parasite infection, so I ended up bedridden for 18 months. You can just imagine... 

As a professional, full-time musician I was at my wit's end. 

I went online to see if I could find some statistics, and some data regarding guitar players. I couldn't find anything. No average retirement age, no statistics over most common injuries, no guidance on how to recover. No nothing. The only thing that I found were tragic stories from individuals posting in guitar forums. I realised then that most guitarists struggle with some level of pain, even injuries, but none of this data had been harvested and turned into statistics, or guides.

I felt like my situation was completely hopeless, and that's when I finally went to see a surgeon...

He told me that I had two options: I could either stop playing the guitar, or..... 

...... after that meeting it hit me what my Achilles heel had been all of these years. My secret frameworks and routines had been the envy of other professional guitarists who had tons of problems that I never had, however there had been one weak spot, one thing that was missing. As I was laying there in my bed, waiting for my shoulder to recover so that I could start my rehab phase, I came up with...

The Achilles Method! My 3 step framework to prevent or to recover from a guitar related injury. I knew that if I incorporated my rehab phase with everything that I was already doing right, then I would have a bulletproof framework. And you know what? It worked! πŸ˜‡ 

In 2019 I remember picking up my guitar again, and crying! Yes crying because I could finally play my instrument again!

I was crying because I'd thought that everything was hopeless, but then it wasn't. It was such an emotional moment for me. 😭 In 2020 I was back to releasing classical guitar music again, and in 2021 I was featured in world leading Guitar World Magazine who credited me with putting my "own unique spin on classical inspired guitar music." I managed to get back on track! And what I also realised was that my 3 step framework could help other guitar players as well. πŸ˜‡

Introducing: Guitar Fitness

The Secrets To Healthy Guitar Playing 

  • No more chronic pain!
  • Prevent injuries and problems before they arise!
  • Get all the steps that I went through to heal and recover from my injury!
  • Learn how to mentally cope with a guitar related injury!
  • No more paranoia & uncertainty! Get healthy habits today! 
  • No more secrets! Learn everything that I know!
  • Get a proven framework for long-term success created by an experienced, professional guitar virtuoso!

β€œInspired by the long road to recovery after a serious shoulder injury, Norwegian neoclassical shred virtuoso The Commander In Chief recently launched Guitar Rehab, her own online guitar-fitness course based on her findings. Aimed at players who want to practise safely in order to avoid injury, as well as those hoping to heal, the course consists of three modules with more than 20 videos of stretches and exercises to make sure you’re practising correctly and not putting yourself at risk. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry!" Guitar World Magazine

Guitar Fitness is for:

  • Smart Guitarists, who understand that movement & leverage matters!
  • Aspiring Guitarists, who are excited, driven, and serious about their playing!
  • Serious Guitarists, who want to play as much as possible, without being in pain!
  • Professional Guitarists (like myself), with busy schedules who cannot afford to get injured!
  • Wise Guitarists, who are willing to invest in their long-term ability to play!

Guitar Fitness is NOT for:

  • Dumb Guitarists, who don't think that movement & leverage matters.
  • Guitarists who have given up and erroneously believe that pain, and suffering just "goes with the territory."
  • Unserious Guitarists, who think they can drink (and joke) away their problems.
  • Unprofessional Guitarists, who only play their guitar once a year.
  • Lost Guitarists, who do not want to invest in their own longevity, but who'll gladly waste thousands on new gear.

As seen in Guitar World


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Guitar Rehab

Get access to 3 modules including 23 videos, and 8 digital BONUS products: my Guitar Rehab planner, an activity book (available in both blue and pink), my list over 7 top chiropractors and osteopaths, checklists & shopping lists, my super secret pain relief formula, my ultimate secret weapon, my honest gear guide, and my 30 practise tips for guitarists. You can start implementing what you learn straight away. The exercises and stretches can be done in any environment. All the advice can be used on the road, and when out travelling. Once you've completed all the modules you'll know all of my secrets for a good guitar-health! πŸ˜‡

Get all my secrets!

Guitar Rehab has been developed by me (a 7 string guitar virtuoso), so everything that I share with you is relevant to your guitar-health. I've already done all the testing, and painful stuff for you. I've even included an international Who's Who list over chiropractors and osteopaths. That PDF alone is worth the price you pay for this course.

Learn "Adaptive Deep Analysis Tweaking"

Master a 4 step framework that will arm you to mentally cope with a guitar related injury, and to detect when something is seriously wrong. As a BONUS I've created a proper activity book for you! You get it both in blue and pink.

Get my "Guitar Rehab Formula"

Skip waiting lines, and over priced experts! Get all the secret stretches and exercises that I paid an arm and a leg to get my hands on, straight away! Get all the secrets to a good rehab routine now, before you get injured. 

Get my "Guitar Injury Prevention Formula"

How have I managed to keep on playing after all the impossible guitar pieces that I've recorded and performed? πŸ€” Now you'll get all of the answers, so that you can implement it all. πŸ˜‡

Guitar Rehab Explained


Module 1: Enter Diagnostic Mode

Learn all about "Adaptive Deep Analysis Tweaking," my own secret 4 step framework for how to clearly analyse and identify problems. You will be equipped to deal with any challenges that may arise, and you will learn how to clearly locate any red flags in your guitar routine.


Module 2: The Guitar Rehab Formula

Go through 9 video lessons that will teach you exactly what you need to do if you're recovering from a shoulder injury. You can also use these lessons to prevent injuries. The lessons take you all the way from rock bottom to the magical moment when you pick up your guitar again. After completing this module you'll know how to get back to guitar playing again, or how to prevent a shoulder injury from happening all together.


Module 3: The Guitar Injury Prevention Formula

Get all of my secrets on how to look after your: hands, wrists, elbows, arms, neck, and back. Learn how to manage pain without painkillers, and what you should implement or avoid when it comes to your lifestyle. Unlock 6 video lessons where I'll share all of my secret routines that have made it possible for me to record impossible classical pieces with my 7 string guitar.


Get PDFs & Checklists

PDFs and checklists are included with the course, so as to make the implementation of everything easier! You get 8 digital BONUS products with the course.


Unlock these Bonuses!


This will show you how to manage your pain, and get more out of your body, without painkillers! 😘

Bonus 2
Guitar Rehab Planner

Getting into a proper practise routine ain't easy! Whether you are starting out or you are getting back after an injury you'll need a proper framework, so that you can internalise good habits!  Don't you worry! I got you covered with my Guitar Rehab Planner.

Bonus 3
The Honest Gear Guide

Learn all about what to look for when it comes to gear. You need what's best for your health. Nothing else matters. 

In my honest gear guide I walk you through all the different gear that I've been using, and what my honest thoughts are about every single item.

Bonus 4
30 Practise Tips For Guitarists

Whether you are getting back into guitar playing, or you are brand new, you'll need the best advice to get you started down the right track.

Don't worry! I got you covered with my 30 Practise Tips For Guitarists.

About The Commander In Chief

The Commander In Chief has charted in 26 countries, in 3 different music genres, on 3 different music platforms. Her videos have gone viral both on YouTube and Facebook. For 2 years in a row she was on Guitar World's "Top Viral Videos" list.

She has been featured in: major music publications worldwide, national newspaper front-pages, and national TV and radio.  She is mostly known for playing impossible classical violin pieces on her 7 string electric guitar, with a clean guitar tone.

She was featured in Metal Hammer as "1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods," for her work in heavy metal, alongside: Tosin Abasi, Alexi Laiho. Synyster Gates, Richie Faulkner, and others.

She is also a Bel Canto trained coloratura soprano who enjoy singing super high notes. She has been nominated twice for Hollywood Music In Media Awards, as a songwriter.


They Say

Sterling Winfield

(Pantera, Hellyeah, B.B. King, etc;)

"In my 20+ years as an engineer and producer I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like what she has to offer."

John Haywood

(David Garrett,Tokyo 2020 Olympics)

"I knew instantly she was rewriting the rule book on electric guitar faculty and propelling this instrument into an entirely different sound world, totally unique and entirely different from what we generally know of the electric guitar."

The Cost Of Inaction

The average personal income in the US in 2019 was $35,977/year. If you are a professional guitar player then imagine losing an entire year's worth of income. That is not an exaggeration, it is a reasonable minimum estimate if you get a proper injury. Now imagine what would happen to you, and/or your dependants if you were to lose a whole year's income.

There is always a risk that you may never play your guitar again.

Now think about the emotional cost of having to turn your back on the real love of your life. Imagine never being able to pick up your guitar again. Just imagine that heartache. Trust me. I thought that that was my fate.

Imagine being in permanent pain.

Yes that can happen. What if you reach the point of no return and you have to live with permanent pain? Have you taken the time to read all of the heartbreaking stories that are out there in Guitar Groups on Facebook, or in Forums? There are countless guitarists out there who's life quality is seriously reduced due to their guitar playing. 

Do you think I'm exaggerating? Then go and have a look for yourself... 

Imagine becoming addicted to painkillers...

The fast track to prescription drug addiction is through painkillers.

Imagine the cost of re-education.

Imagine the expense in money and time if you have to re-educate yourself, so that you can do something else with your life.

The cost of one osteopath treatment is $63,93 and you will need many treatments over a long period of time if you get a serious guitar injury. The first money that you spend will be a total waste if you have a tendon injury, because the only thing that you can do under such circumstances is to rest. You will also need to get ultrasound scans; this will also be expensive.

Any treatments will be excruciatingly painful. So you are much better off preventing injuries and pain all together.

  Now imagine the emotional toll of being replaced as the guitarist in your band, or not getting that life-changing opportunity. 

As you can see: the cost of inaction is incalculable.



  • Complete Course straight away (lifetime access)
  • VIP Club Access (for the duration of 12 weeks)



  • Complete Course straight away (lifetime access)
  • VIP Club Access (for life)
  • 1:1 Private Coaching Online (12 sessions lasting 1-hour each)
  • Private email and phone access to me for the duration of 12 Weeks in case you have any questions, need instant help, etc; 
  • Get all my other courses as BONUSES (lifetime access)
  • Appointments to meet in the real-world possible if you as the student cover transport costs either for me or for you.

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no pain. So why would I need Guitar Rehab? 

Because you're not experiencing pain YET. Trust me, you will.

Aren't injuries a sign of bad technique?

No. It's the natural wear and tear that you put your body through when you play the guitar. It has to be counter attacked every single day. It's unnatural for the body to play the guitar. Your fretting hand is twisted in an unnatural position, most people have way too much tension in their strumming hand/picking hand. You're wearing a heavy instrument, and gravity is constantly working against you. Sitting with your guitar will also cause problems. Your entire back, all the way from the bottom up into your neck is affected. Even your leg if you keep it up in an angle while playing. There is pain and resistance when you start playing the guitar, and there will be pain and resistance as you go ahead on your journey.

Can't I just get a random exercise routine? 

No. As a guitar player you are different. You need to invest in your own guitar health, and engage in guitarist-friendly exercising. Your best personal trainer will always be a fellow guitarist. If you just pick a random exercise routine, then you may experience discomfort that will interfere with your ability to play.

I'm a man, you are a woman. Is Guitar Rehab relevant to me? 

Yes. The music industry, and the internet abound in tragic stories from male guitarists who are in pain, or are injured. Most of the stories that I've heard and read come from men. Female guitarists still represent a minority.

I'm a classical guitarist. Is Guitar Rehab for me?

Absolutely! Guitar Rehab is specifically made for guitar players. I play classical music on my electric guitar, and I'm well aware of all the pitfalls that arise from sitting too much. Especially with one leg up in a classical position. Guitar Rehab is good for all guitar players.

I'm a bass player. Is Guitar Rehab for me? 

Yes! If you are using your body in the same way as a guitar player then Guitar Rehab will work for you.

Can't I just lift weights? 

No. Strength training is just one piece of the puzzle. You need to look after every single body part that is negatively affected by your guitar playing. You also need to work on the mental aspect.

Should I seek medical advice? 

If you are currently unable to move one or more body parts, then yes. You need to get an ultrasound, and/or an x-ray. You also need to get a proper diagnosis. I had impaired movement and a rift in my tendon. I first used the stretches that you'll find in The Guitar Rehab Formula section of my course. I'm sharing everything that I went through, step by step.

Take heed

I have created this course so that you don't have to go through the hell that I went through! πŸ’ž I was able to get back to business, but it was not easy. I did it though, which proves that it is possible to get back up on your feet even if you experience a guitar player's worst nightmare. My dream is that Guitar Rehab will reach guitar players before they get seriously injured, so that they never experience what I did. The pain that I went through was hellish, the cost incalculable. Now take my secrets and run with them! I know you won't regret it. πŸ™‚