My 12-Week Guitar Mentorship Programme

Take this Opportunity! 

This is your LAST CHANCE to join my 12-Week Guitar Mentorship Programme! First launched last year to participants all over the world, across all time zones, you now get the opportunity of a lifetime. Get ALL my secrets & ALL my knowledge. This is your moment!

1.Private Mentoring for YOUR specific needs
2.A Fully Thought Out 12-Week Programme
3.Lifetime Access To All Of My Video Courses

Private Mentoring For Your Specific Needs

Not only to you get access to a tried & tested programme, & video courses. You also get customised Mentoring tailor made to YOU.

I'll be your Mentor

Get 12 private lessons with me on Zoom, lasting 1 hour each.

Up close & personal 

Get daily access to me via my VIP Club. You can send me your: videos, questions, and audio files in between lessons. This is a great way for us to get as much out of our time together as possible.

A Fully Thought Out 12-Week Programme

Each week will have a topic, in addition to your "elective." Your elective is the personal goal that you want to reach at the end of the programme.

This is the 12-Week Programme
  1.  Become a guitarist in 7 days! (Learn all the basics of guitar playing).
  2. Get my "Bunker Blaster Warm-Up Routines" for success!
  3. Master "Guitar Fitness," and learn ALL the secrets to healthy guitar playing.
  4. Master the secret of "THE CLAW!" (Unlock the secrets of extreme guitar playing)
  5. Become a "Sweep Picking Monster!"
  6. From 0 to hero! Master tapping once & for all.
  7. Master rhythm & become a precise and fluid player.
  8. Get feel & emotion into your playing.
  9. "Odd Guitar Solutions, To "Impossible" Problems."  Play what no one else can play.
  10. "Master your Sniper Coordination!" Learn to play & sing at the same time.
  11. Become a confident performer with Mental Training!
  12. Your elective. This is your personal goal that you want to reach once the 12 weeks are over! This can be you writing your own music, or you finally nailing a difficult piece. It can be anything you want.

Lifetime Access To All My Video Courses

Walk away with all my exercises, secrets, and video courses. You can access all of these in your own time.

These are the video-courses
  1.  You will walk away with all the exercises that I received from my two Guitar Mentors. These are the warm-up exercises I use myself everyday. 
  2. You'll have lifetime access to my "Guitar MasterClass." This video course keeps on expanding and will include all the topics discussed in the Mentorship Programme. 
  3. You'll have all "My Secret Guitar Routines For Success!" This is the secret recipe that you need to program guitar playing as a solid habit into the back of your mind.
  4. You'll have my "Guitar Fitness" course. As mentioned in Guitar World. Follow my Achilles Method and you'll be able to play for hours without pain. This video course is A MUST! All of the previous participants used it vigorously. This is the ultimate SECRET to how I can do what I'm doing. 
  5. All of these resources will be enough to change your life. However; I'll add a special BONUS to those who'd like to figure out the business side of things. You'll walk away with my 2 business eBooks: "How To Survive As A Musician In The Digital Age" and "How To Get Paid By Brands." You'll also get BONUS PDFs teaching you about endorsement deals, how to sell online, and which books to pick for your mental training. 

What Platinum Selling Producers Say

Sterling Winfield

(Pantera, Hellyeah, B.B. King, etc;)

"In my 20+ years as an engineer and producer I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like what she has to offer."

John Haywood

(David Garrett,Tokyo 2020 Olympics)

"I knew instantly she was rewriting the rule book on electric guitar faculty and propelling this instrument into an entirely different sound world, totally unique and entirely different from what we generally know of the electric guitar."

All locations, time zones, & levels welcome!

Value: Priceless


  • 12 Private lessons, & daily access to me for 12 weeks
  • Full 12-Week Programme
  • Gradual access to the course material
  • A signed, personalised certificate upon graduation

Value: Priceless


One time payment

  • An exclusive onboarding meeting before the programme starts
  • 12 Private lessons, & daily access to me for 12 weeks
  • Full 12-Week Programme
  • Instant access to all the course material
  • A signed, personalised certificate upon graduation