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  • 12 Monthly Challenges where you can win a special prize
  • Access to 4 exclusive pieces of content each month. All the material will be there to support the monthly challenges
  • Get access to a Private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members and upload your own content relevant to the challenges
  • Access to monthly social hang outs where you can get to meet and talk with other members
  • Send me your videos, audios, and whatever other material that you would like me to comment on
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Annual Membership 


  • 2 Private Lessons
  • 1 month FREE
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The Monthly Challenges


Our first focus will be on developing a great, solid guitar routine. Whoever manages to pick up their guitar consistently for a full month will win. MasterClasses will include behind the scenes footage of how I practise, me showing you two warm-ups that I want you to incorporate into your routine, and a MasterClass on time-management. There will also be a monthly Q&A where you can ask me all your guitar related questions. 


Learn how to record your own music and unleash your creativity. If you already have a home recording set-up then the challenge will be for you to write something new. Our focus will be on how basic chords is all you need to start writing. I will show you exactly how I work.


Rhythm will be the focus. Gain fluidity in your playing and get great timing.


The challenge will be for you to pick a song in a completely different genre than the one that you are in. Our focus will be on how to re-arrange a piece for the guitar. This month will be a perfect fit for those who feel like they are in a rut. Our main focus will be on getting you re-motivated for guitar playing.


Master Sweep picking. We will have an entire month dedicated to this technique. The challenge will be to master either an easy, or an advanced Sweep sequence. 


Learn how to sing and play at the same time! Our focus will be on coordination and confidence building. You will be encouraged to perform a song of your choice on a live stream in front of the other members. 


Alternate picking will be our focus for an entire month. 


Write a new solo. This month will be dedicated entirely to solos and leads. Get your creative juices flowing, and master solo techniques such as bends and tapping. I will show you precisely how I write my own solos, and you'll be given plenty of resources to get your creativity working.


Master a difficult chord sequence. This month we will focus on complex classical chords.


This month will be dedicated to nothing but Hybrid Picking. Master a sequence or write your own. You will be encouraged to get creative throughout the entire program.


Learn how to play a classical piece of music on your guitar. This month will be dedicated to theory and interpretation in classical music. Using tabs will disqualify you from the challenge. Our focus will be on problem solving, tabs will not be allowed.


Write an original composition using everything that you've learned in the Guitar Club! This is the ultimate boss challenge. All material during this month will be focused on summarising what we've done throughout the year!