Discover the magic of Guitar Fitness & play without limits! 💪🏼

Are you struggling with fluidity, and playing your favourite guitar solos? Do you feel like there is a level that you just can't reach?

Or are you in pain from your guitar playing? Or maybe you know that arthritis is one of the main problems that ageing guitarists have to deal with, and you want to escape "the curse?" 

Did you know that a lot of classical guitarists struggle with "movement issues?" And that a percentage of guitar students at highly esteemed music schools, will ruin their bodies permanently, every semester?

I'm here to change the world of Guitar Playing by letting you in on dark secrets that 99.999% of guitar players know nothing about. Even professors at highly esteemed universities...


What My Students Say

Guitar Fitness is for players at ALL levels & consists of  5 pillars

Rambo Fingers

When guitar players struggle with fluidity they actually struggle with strength... much care has to be taken when working on this so that you don't ruin your fingers. 

Breathe like a PRO

Not even professional opera singers know how to breathe correctly anymore, for the most part. You have to pay around £200 for 45 min. group lessons in London to learn proper breathing, that's how rare it is to know this and how valuable it is.

Tension awareness & removal

 Self-taught guitarists in heavy music genres bring all their hatred, frustration, and anger into their writing and playing. The long-term effects are nothing but disastrous both in terms of physical health and guitar tone.

Unleash your full potential with Mental Training

Used by ALL olympic teams and professional athletes this is a completely Greek field in the music industry. 

Guitar Fitness Program

Get ALL the exercises and stretches that you need to look after your body in the best way. Picking up advice (from well-meaning people) that don't align with the movements that you're doing as a guitar player may prove disastrous.

Get everything TODAY! 


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About The Commander In Chief

Guitar Yoda

The Commander In Chief has charted in 26 countries, in 3 different music genres, on 3 different music platforms. Her videos have gone viral both on YouTube and Facebook. For 2 years in a row she was on Guitar World's "Top Viral Videos" list.

She has been featured in: major music publications worldwide, national newspaper front-pages, and national TV and radio.  She is mostly known for playing impossible classical violin pieces on her 7 string electric guitar, with a clean guitar tone.

She was featured in Metal Hammer as "1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods," for her work in heavy metal, alongside: Tosin Abasi, Alexi Laiho, Synyster Gates, Richie Faulkner, and others.

She is also a Bel Canto trained coloratura soprano who enjoy singing super high notes. She has been nominated twice for Hollywood Music In Media Awards, as a songwriter.