Do you feel like you don't "have enough time" for your guitar?

You are not alone! The vast majority of guitar enthusiasts are way too busy with their jobs to have enough time for 8-hour practise routines... but what if there was a way for you to optimise the little time that you do have on your hands?

That's where my course comes in! I'm here to help you get more out of your limited time, by sharing with you my Guitar Time-Management Secret and my Bunker Blaster Warm-Up Routine. When I first picked up the guitar I was a busy high school student, and what a lot of people don't know is that I've been co-raising my siblings all these years that my mother/manager and myself have been working on my music career.

If I hadn't been good with time management and with optimising every second of my guitar playing I would never have become the guitar player I am today. Take this to heart and grab my secrets while you have the opportunity. I'm here to help you now.



  • Learn how to get the most out of your valuable time, to free up space for your guitar playing
  • Learn to get the most out of every second with your guitar so that you can reach that next level, even if you only have a few minutes everyday
  • Get resources that you can print for easy reference
  • BONUS: Get a 1-month FREE membership in my Guitar Club to join a motivating and inspiring community, with busy people just like yourself! 



  • Get everything in the Standard package
  • Get 3 private 1:1 lessons with me for a full month on FarPlay or Zoom, so I can help you first hand 
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