I know what it takes to turn something negative into something positive. I took myself out of a harrowing childhood, with a shattered confidence, to having the confidence to walk out on stages, singing the most demanding opera arias in the world. I know that anything is possible. 

My Rapid Confidence Builder - The Pathfinder - helps you transform negative mindsets to positive ones. 


Do you want to be more confident? Are you afraid of making mistakes? 

Are you unsure about what your true purpose is? Do you feel overwhelmed? 

Do you some times ask yourself "is this all?  Is this really what my life is all about?"

I know how it is to have your confidence completely shattered.

I also know that your past does not have to determine your future - YOU determine your future!  

YOU have the power to do that, every day. And I will teach you HOW.

Watch my unusual and inspirational story here:

When I was 21 I was accepted into the most prestigious school of Economics, in my native country Norway. I should have felt confident about being "one of the few" with good enough grades to get in there. Surrounded by 349 classmates, I felt completely out of place. They all looked so confident. They all looked like they were born for success. I was completely outside my comfort zone. 

I did not have the courage to say anything, even when I knew the answers, or had smart questions.

I felt insecure, unworthy, stupid and very uncomfortable. My stepfather's efforts to destroy my confidence, during all those horrendous years, from I was 8 until I was 16, finally kicked in. 

"You are not good enough. You cannot do it. Everything that is wrong is YOUR fault. Without you here, everybody would be happy." 

I did not only hear his words again, I KNEW he was right. His words had sat there, in the back of my mind, and by now they had become "the truth." 

Despite my fears, I did what was expected of me, and I became a board member of a nation wide organisation. The truth is, I felt completely out of place. I sat at board meetings, as a student representative, surrounded by finance directors, partners in big firms, and bank managers. I had some really good ideas to solutions, but I never had the courage to say a word. I just sat there, until I was spoken to. 

I forced myself to do things I was afraid of, such as flying for the first time, and speaking in meetings. I worked hard to understand my own insecurities, since I wanted to get rid of them. But it wasn't until THAT moment of clarity, which I talk about in the video above, that I started the real work on re-building my confidence. It took years, but gradually I found out how to reset my mindset from that of an anxious loser to that of a confident winner. By the time I was ready to give my first opera concert I was as confident as you can be. 

For more than 10 years I have implemented sport and performance psychology exercises in my coaching, with great results, helping singers and others who suffer from performance anxiety. 

My no-nonsense approach is focused on helping YOU getting clarity, and a positive mindset. 

During my very difficult childhood years I developed an ability to read people, detect danger, and predict the next move of the one who wanted to hurt me. I became an expert at detecting and understand micro expressions - something most people have never heard about. Being able to read people's body language with great accuracy is a very useful skill for a coach since I pick up on the little things. The things that really matter, as I usually say.

Performance anxiety is an issue I feel very strongly about.

 If you are worried about talking, singing or performing in front of people - or just anxious about walking into a new job, meeting or situation - I can help you clarify what exactly it is that you are worried about, and turn it around.

Just saying "stage fright" is not specific enough, because it can be hard to understand what it is that is causing this very unpleasant problem. It could be one of many things:

  • Having an audience, no matter how small or big the audience is
  • Someone else's power or authority might intimidate you 
  • The venue itself, the size, location, or the fact that it is a new place
  • Doubts about your own skills or abilities - not feeling good enough 
  • The fact that you are doing something new
  • It could be something completely unrelated to the event or stage

For many of the problems you face, you have the answers within yourself.

There is a unique source of wisdom there, screaming for your attention. Don't you want to access that source of wisdom?

In your everyday life you are bombarded with input from gadgets, TV, social media, ads, work, friends and family 24/7, telling you what you should think, believe and what you need.

There is nothing in society today that encourages you to listen to yourself.

Once you stop looking for answers outside yourself, and turn your focus inwards, you will get clarity, purpose and all the answers about who you truly are - and what your real purpose is..

You will be more confident and efficient in your decision making!

For many years I was fighting my gut feeling, with very bad results.  I thought people who talked about their inner voice, meditation and intuition were a bit "out there" and crazy. I preferred tangible, reliable, logical solutions - solutions and decisions that made sense, and lead to predictable results.

In my late 20s I had an eye opening talk with a doctor, who was a proper guru when it comes to combining Western, Indian and Chinese medicine. I told him that I was tired of my gut feeling so often trying to convince me to do the opposite of what I thought was the sensible, smart thing to do.

"You have to embrace it and listen to it," he said. "You are lucky, because you are so well connected. Your gut feeling will guide you the right way - it is never wrong."

He was so convincing, and he had such a stellar reputation, that I followed his advice, and started to make better and more confident decisions. 

My life became less predictable, and much more exciting. 

I made decisions others considered courageous, because they were outside the box, but for me they were just the next, natural step. I gained a confidence about my purpose and abilities that I had never had before. Those courageous decisions opened up doors to opportunities I would have never had, if I had ignored my gut feeling, and only listened to well meant advice, logic and reason. 

I know that CHANGE is possible - and that YOU are the only one stopping you from that change.

 I want to help you achieve clarity and certainty about your purpose, your motivation and the decisions you have to make, by boosting your confidence.

As a professionally trained opera singer I know the importance of having total control of your breathing technique, while being very focused. I used my breathing exercises and meditation to prepare for concerts with 6 or 7 of the most difficult arias ever written. My method gave me total control and clarity so I could go on stage and do the impossible, without any fear.  

With 5 easy-to-follow videos and 2 downloadable Ebooks, my Pathfinder Method gives you all the steps I follow, when I connect and listen to the wisdom within, get into the right, positive mindset, and do the impossible, time and time again. 

What you will learn in this course

  1. Lack of confidence comes from WITHIN YOU. You have to connect to your inner self, your inner wisdom and vulnerability, to be able to address the issue. By teaching my clients to meditate, they open up the channels to their own wisdom, their gut feeling or intuition. You learn to listen to and trust your gut feeling. 
  2. You learn how to change your mindset from negative to positive. Stop seeing limitations and start seeing opportunities.
  3. You learn that YOU are truly unique,  and that no one else can be a better YOU. 
  4. You learn how to de-clutter your mind, and how to de-stress and relax.

These things are crucial for confidence building. You have to cut through the clutter and focus on what really matters. 

If no one has gone there before you -make your own path!

No one else can be a better you! 

You are completely unique. There is no one else who are exactly like you. Never forget that YOU are best at being you. YOU are the original. Everyone else will be copies of you, so stop trying to be like someone else.

You do not have to be perfect - no one is perfect.  You just have to be good enough. 

What you get in this course:

  • 5 easy to follow videos - including a guided meditation - talking you through each step.
  •  Downloadable ebook with meditation guidelines.
  • Downloadable Ebook, with motivational affirmations.
  • A 3 minutes motivational video with motivational affirmations.
  • A Pathfinder Planner - so you can keep track of your progress.

What Others Say 

She helped with my horrible stage fright. I was some times sick with anxiety, before going on stage. Thanks to her patience and guidance, I now enjoy being on stage. Her gutfeeling has also helped me when it comes to my career, and I have even privileged to have her as my personal mentor. 

Berit Hagen, aka The Commander In Chief 

 Internationally acclaimed artist


Thanks to her very accurate gut feeling, and ability to act upon it, our family was in a financially good position during the first Covid lockdown, in England. If we had listened to more common advice, and not listened to her, we would have been in a very difficult situation. 

James Hilltout

Retired tennis coach


New Year's OFFER! 



The rapid Confidence builder

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Aina Elisabeth

I am a happily married mother of 4, and owner of a huge giant Schnauzer puppy. My whole life is a story about defying odds, doing the impossible and finding solutions where there are none. 

I was raised on a diet of fear and guilt, in dire poverty, with an abusive, alcoholic stepfather. All I had was my brain, my talents and willingness to work hard. By the time I left home, at 18, my self confidence was shattered, and I did my best to not stand out. My dreams of a life on stage, as a singer, were almost forgotten. 

I studied economics, marketing and contract law, all the way up to a MBA level, before I finally had enough and walked out of my safe, predictable life. I moved to Italy together with my (ex) husband and two young children, to be trained as an opera singer - following my gut feeling.

I found the award winning Italian soprano Aida Meneghelli, who became my vocal coach.  She had the same singing teacher as the iconic Maria Callas. After 3 1/2 years with daily singing lessons I walked on a stage and sang the arias for The Queen of the Night, Lucia di Lammermoor, and other coloratura arias,  in my first opera concert.

For 13 years I have been a successful manager, vocal coach and producer. All my victories came from following my gut feeling, using my common sense and knowing that everything is possible..  Now my passion is to help others find their true purpose and fulfil their potential, no matter what field they are in..