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  • “Berit,Vol.1” – Album (Acoustic, 2018)

“Berit,Vol.1” – Album (Acoustic, 2018)


“This is music in its purest form, keeping the listener entranced by the sheer beauty of what is coming out of the speakers. She is full of confidence, which really comes through. Anyone who enjoys listening to a master singer songwriter need go no further.” (Kev Rowland, HouseofProg Radio)

This stunning album is, by all accounts, a triumph – both musically and personally. After being bedridden for 18 months, due to complications from a parasite infection, Berit had a very bumpy way back to normal life. When she and her manager started to record the album, in their professional home recording studio, she only had enough energy to perform for half an hour at a time. She got so exhausted every time she performed that she slept for days, before they could do another half hour of work. Little by little the album was built and everything you hear are the organic performances, with no auto tune or other studio tricks.


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