May 9

Update from The Commander In Chief


The Commander In Chief goes live on her Facebook page on Mondays at 6pm (CET) and this week she also went live on Instagram. You can watch both replays here.

This week she spoke about the following:

1. Her humble starting point as a guitarist

2. This week’s Guitar Tip

3. Her song “I Am The Commander In Chief” and what freedom means

4. Why fitness is crucial if you play the guitar especially if you are a woman

5. What is your why? Why did you fall in love with music?

6. Her love for science fiction and Star Wars

7. The questions she asked her followers this week: “Who inspired you to start playing?” And “Promote yourself and what you do!”

8. Her free guitar webinar – please check your spam folder for the confirmation email if you sign up

9. Her free Zoom training! Send her a message on your favourite social media platform for more info

10. Her upcoming Guitar Club

11. Her VIP Club that you can join now while the doors are open. The VIP Club is perfect for those of you who don’t play the guitar but love her music. There will be social meeting on the 30th this month. You are more than welcome to join!


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