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Premium course Welcome video

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My Private Instagram page where you can contact me directly: Our Private Facebook group where you can share your content: Our business email:


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Premium course The Warm-Up From Hell!

Incorporate this into your playing to see extraordinary results in a short amount of time!

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Become a strong guitarist in a short amount of time, if you implement this from today :)

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Learn how to fix your right (dominant) hand for fast speed gain!

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Fix your right (dominant) hand once and for all!


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Premium course Tricking our brain!

Learn how to trick your brain to YOUR advantage :)

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Learn how to reign yourself in (+ that you are not alone! This is a club after all)

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Premium course How to track yourself :)

I have created plenty of resources to help you :)

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Premium course This is my planner :)

You don't need expensive stuff!

About the Teacher


  • The Commander In Chief (online personality, Norwegian rockstar)
  • 7 string guitar virtuoso
  • Bel Canto trained coloratura soprano
  • Award Nominated Songwriter
  • Online monetisation geekĀ 

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