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Premium course Where to go for help!

Would you like to join my Guitar Club? The doors are officially closed, but I can sign you up if you contact me via email: If you want to progress SUPER FAST then I recommend combining your Membership with Private 1:1 Mentoring here:

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Get your pen and note pad ready! This is your roadmap to success!

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Every single finger on your fretting hand needs to be just as strong.

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This is the 1st of two videos. That's how important your dominant hand is.

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Premium course Day 3 - speed training!

Keep your dominant hand nice and loose, while staying anchored!

About the Teacher


  • The Commander In Chief (online personality, Norwegian rockstar)
  • 7 string guitar virtuoso
  • Bel Canto trained coloratura soprano
  • Award Nominated Songwriter
  • Online monetisation geekĀ 

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