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Master Your Intuition For Success



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Introduction to the PATHFINDER METHOD.

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Premium course Examples of gut-feeling

3 major decisions I made based on gut-feeling.

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Premium course External Disruptors

Tune out external things that distract your focus.

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Premium course Internal Disruptors

Tune out internal distractions to your focus.

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The importance of correct breathing for meditation and life.

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Premium course Guided Meditation

Step by step guide to getting in touch with your inner self through meditation.

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Premium course Motivational Reel

Powerful Affirmations from the Bel Canto Coach.

About the Teacher


I am a happily married mother of 4, and owner of a huge giant Schnauzer puppy. My whole life is a story about defying odds, doing the impossible and finding solutions where there are none. I studied Economics, marketing and contract law in Norway, all the way up to a MBA level, before I walked out of my safe life, and moved to Italy to be trained as an opera singer, following my dream. For 13 years I have been a successful manager, vocal coach and producer. All my victories are based on following my gut feeling.  

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